5 Cosy Yet Professional Home Office Tips

The office may be a professional environment, but it’s typically open to more personalized, homey layout and decor than its corporate counterpart. Planning the perfect home office can be tough, especially for folks trying to fit their entire professional arsenal in the spare room, but there are plenty of simple ways to enhance the home office environment, walking the line between home comforts and professional presentation.

1. Inadequate storage is the genesis of the messy, unprofessional home office. Make the most of wall space by installing high shelving for little-used materials. For specialist trades like architecture, millinery, and various design disciplines and so on, installing bespoke storage will boost professional appearance and minimize clutter.

2. Keep decor simple and practical. Bright walls invite light into small spaces, and examples of professional work or photos on canvas make a superb display without breaking the bank.

3. Visit local auctions for ex-office furniture to add a further business edge to the office. Opting for woods and natural materials keeps the decor cozy without seeming like just another room of the house.

4. If applicable, create portfolios or personalized photo books of work that can be kept in the home office for clients. This saves unexpected clients having to lean over shoulders to scroll through examples on the computer.

5. Comfy seating in the home office – a two-seater sofa, perhaps – can be used as a cozy workspace or for client seating. Sofas typically have a more homey, relaxed feel.

The tips are written by Travelji blog editor,  who loves to write about trending business, travel & lifestyle topics.

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