Marketing Your New Business


Setting up a new business and having a website developed for it is only the beginning of a very long journey for you and your business. You will need to find a constant stream of people that are willing and ready to become paying customers and while the modern business tends to concentrate its efforts on digital marketing and outsource blogger outreach both are great source to earn business. There are ways in which you can market offline too, and create an all-encompassing marketing mix and business model.

Get stationery printed using your company branding and don’t forget to include business cards. Carry your business cards with you wherever you go because you never know who you might meet. Include one in your customer correspondence and add personal messages on compliment slips and other items to endear yourself to your customers. As a small business, the personal touch is one of the greatest advantages you have and one that many customers will be looking for.

Consider printing flyers and brochures in your initial stationery run and then buy business contact addresses from a reputable source. Post them out and don’t be afraid to follow up your direct marketing efforts in order to try and win more business. In the early days of your business, unless you are fortunate enough to already have a portfolio of customers, you may have to go to extra lengths to win business.

Direct marketing remains one of the most effective means of marketing a business and you can find directories of physical addresses, phone numbers, mobile numbers, and email addresses belonging to businesses and consumers. Do ensure that you use a reputable source to locate these details because the last thing your new business needs is a reputation for spamming or harassing recipients.

Image and reputation are important so, as soon as you start to win business, ensure that you provide everything the customer requests and more. You will be able to use them as testimonials and they may even pass your details on to other businesses and other decision makers in the future. Word of mouth internet marketing can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for your business.

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