Source HR Solutions To Fairly Manage Staff Flexi Time

Flexible working arrangements between employers and their staff members are nothing out of the ordinary in many 21st century workplaces, particularly in the cases of staff members with young families. Employment law itself dictates that businesses are obliged to reach satisfactory working agreements with team members who need to care for young children under 16 years of age.

However, flexitime arrangements for parents of minors can sometimes leave a bad taste in the mouths of other staff that do not fit the criteria. They sometimes feel denied and unfairly treated because they do not have the opportunity to adopt alternative working patterns to the traditional 9 to 5. Employment law relating to flexi time continues to evolve. Many businesses increasingly source external HR and payroll solutions from human resource outsourcing specialists to make sure they keep to continuously shifting edicts.

Outsource HR for An Objective Overview

An expert and unbiased pair of eyes can be a valuable asset to businesses experiencing disgruntlement amongst their teams about who should, and who should not, be entitled to flexi time. As the law currently stands, any team member can request flexi time regardless of their personal circumstances. Businesses are obliged to consider their requests, but not to comply if they feel they have reasonable grounds for refusal.

HR Outsourcing Helps Navigate The Flexi Time Minefield

Premium external HR service providers offer businesses professional advice about flexi time arrangements that promotes even-handed treatment of all staff and avoidance of employment tribunal situations.

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