Server Status Checker- Most Demanding SEO tool

Using this tool, you can track the status of your favorite websites and easily stay up to date when they are inactive. It is very important to use this tool to keep abreast of the latest developments by checking if your websites are working or not. Therefore, use this tool to check the server status of your website and make sure you have taken important steps to bring it online when the status goes offline. It is a very effective and recommended tool for all webmasters to check server uptime and stay aware of website server location.

It will tell you whether the server of your website is online or offline. If “500” is displayed, it means that the website has been closed due to a server problem. This will allow you to check if the website is down or blocked by the server. In fact, if you cannot connect to a particular website while using the Internet, you also need to check the status.

Another reason to check the status of a website is to check for any glitches in the server or client programs. Then use the best server status checker tool, which will tell you what might be wrong with your website, such as whether it is online or not. On the user side, you can’t tell exactly what the problem is with your website if you can’t access it, but you can guess the problem with a tool or utility like this server health checker in the reports search engines.  

This tool is quite helpful to check the HTTP status of your website, and if something goes wrong, contact your hosting provider immediately or find a solution to fix the problem. Server Status Checker Tool by is a free SEO tool that allows you to check the status of a website both offline and online and also check if the website is working just for you or for everyone in the world. 

How to use the Server Status Checker tool

Easily check website status, enter URL, and use our online website checker to re-check website status on the domain name in real-time. Thus, using our tools, webmasters can regularly monitor the status of the website and take immediate action if the website’s status declines.  

Free SEO tool Provider

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The best tool of check website server

This great tool will help you understand whether your website is online or offline. You only need to provide the URL of a specific website, and the tool will check whether the website’s server is down.

Along with this, you can also enter multiple URLs at the same time to check the status of all your sites at the same time. There is no need to enter every URL at once, here just enter all the URLs and hit the check button to get the results. A very useful feature of this tool is that you can check up to 10 websites at the same time by entering URLs at the same time.

Users can enter up to 100 URLs one by one to check the server status of a large number of websites at the same time. One person can enter URLs for 100 websites at a time, and the tool checks the server status for 100 websites in seconds. When you check the status of a website with this tool, you can easily determine the server uptime.

Generally, the response time indicator is the fastest indicator of the overall health of the webserver. When the response time is less than 10 seconds, it is usually a technical problem with the website server. If it is not, it means that your server is currently down or is not responding correctly. When your site is down, use this tool to find out if the server is down or if you cannot access the site due to other problems.

Use of server status checker tool

This tool is perfect for all internet users who face technical problems while visiting a website. If the website does not connect properly or is downgraded, the issue could be from both hosting providers and users. Feel free to check the status of the website with ping services to see if the site is down to everyone or just you.

It is very important to check the status of the site servers from time to time, because this allows the webmasters to function normally, and the users do not have to deal with the complexity of the site loading. It is simply impossible to estimate how long a website will be inactive because it is impossible to pinpoint the exact problem that blocked the server. When the user tries to connect to the website during this time, he is redirected to the backup server and thus requires a little additional latency to access the website.

Usually through HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) to send a request to the webserver to check the server status, the server replies with a three-digit code to find out the server’s availability status. In most cases, you will get the current status, time, and downtime percentage of the domain name or URL.


If you find the status offline during the check, you can take urgent action to make it online. Once you know the reason for going offline, you can work to restore it. The tools must be used regularly because the server can fail at any time with consequences for users.

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