What The Future Holds For The Animal Feed Phosphates Market

What The Future Holds For The Animal Feed Phosphates Market?


Years ago, the animal feed phosphates market was dominated by small businesses selling their products into local and regional markets, which were then exported globally. However, in recent years, China has been vastly increasing their market share, competing with these smaller companies to sell their wares on the market. Changes in global demand have exacerbated this situation which has created a feast or famine situation for those involved in the animal feed phosphates industry.

For those in the industry, it is understandably a worrying time, will the business boom or bust? A commodity market report will provide an insight into the recent events in the animal feed phosphates industry over the past 10 years, as well as provide a forecast to 2015 covering most aspects of the animal feed market.

There are several significant questions the report will cover to give increased awareness and enable the subscriber to prepare for potential growth opportunities. The report will ask questions such as where is likely to be the next location for increased production capacity and what are the alternative animal feed phosphate products likely to be available due to regulatory controls?

By subscribing to the report, it will enable the reader to have significant insight into the industry and the best way to become more competitive and successful. CRU’s specialist analysts based around the globe, have access to data, global commodity prices and the ability to analyse them will produce an informative and useful report for those in the animal feed phosphate industry.