3 Print Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

The double-dip recession reported in April 2012 may have made record books and caused the Bay City Rollers to be brought up repeatedly as a kind of easy-to-grasp media tool to help folks understand exactly what “since 1975” means. But for small businesses the threat of recession hasn’t let up since the mid 2000s, and the double-dip was no surprise. Tightening belts and making the most of clever marketing has always been part of the small business, so here are three popular print mediums currently being employed by U.K small businesses to make the most of their marketing budgets.

1. People love free stuff, and USEFUL free stuff is even better. Slapping logos or photos on mugs has long been a marketing staple for brand promotion, and an abundance of online photo printing companies has boosted the amount of cheap deals out there for savvy small business owners.

2. Calendars are a superb way to keep that branding logo in the frame 365 day a year. Simple photo software makes it easy for the sole trader or small business owner to produce top quality calendars at low costs. People love to see beautiful, funny, uplifting images, so think creatively and maybe opt for a calendar of inspiring images rather than simply company products.

3. Stationary is a tried and tested favourite for small businesses looking for long-term promotion. Online photo printing companies are great resources for ideas, advice and the best deals.