Bespoke Wedding Invitation Cards


A wedding is one of the most important days in many people’s lives and every little detail can make a world of difference. A range of bespoke wedding stationery can make the day even more special and memorable. Printed items such as ‘save the date’ cards, ‘order of service’ cards and guest invitations will help guests to prepare for the occasion and follow what is happening throughout the day.

Wedding stationery items can also be kept by guests as souvenirs of the big day. ‘Save the date’ cards should generally be sent out at least six months before the wedding date to allow guests to plan for the event. As most invitees will have a range of preparations to make before attending, this type of card will allow them to start these plans. This is especially helpful for guests who have travel arrangements to make, child care to organise or time off to book at work.

As many people have different types of ceremonies, an order of service card can ensure guests know what to expect of the wedding service. This is a handy tool, especially for those unfamiliar with the chosen type of ceremony.

Wedding invitation cards are an official summons to the event and are typically written in a formal style. The information contained in these cards usually includes basic details such as the date and time of ceremony; the location will also be disclosed. As well as this, wedding invitation cards often include details of a chosen dress code.