Super-Duplex Explained

The petrochemical industry is obviously a high pressure industry, full of challenges and governed by all sorts of safety legislation. There are various nuances and aspects to the industry, however the bottom line is that the efficiency of the industry is forever bound to the need for safe systems and the correct, high performance equipment.

The equipment used in the industry bears the weight of health and safety, in some aspects. One of the major factors affecting the quality equipment is the materials used in their construction. One of the most high performing materials used in modern industry is super duplex steel.

Duplex is actually around 70 years old. It was called duplex on account of its mixed microstructure. Duplex became super duplex in the 1980s when its qualities where enhanced by  additional features such as pitting resistance.

Super duplex has all sorts of qualities that are advantageous to the petrochemical industry. Not only is it extremely durable and strong but it also possesses other benefits, for instance it is resistant to chemical corrosion and high thermal conductivity.

In the context of the petrochemical industries, and even beyond this, super duplex has various uses. It is used to produce everything from pipe flanges and fittings to the production of cargo tanks. It can also be sued to produce wiring which has a high resistance.  When buying duplex therefore, you know you’re getting material with superior qualities, well tested across a range of applications.