Customise Your Commercial Roller Shutter Installation

If you are seeking a premium, secure door for your commercial or agricultural building, you need to review the benefits of galvanised steel shutters. These roller-type doors are made to measure and operate conveniently with electricity.

A Key Switch Design

Typically, this type of door is the standard for shops, factories, and agricultural structures. The electricity that operates the door is shut on or off with a key switch. Because the door is made to measure, you can find just the right door to fit your building’s design. Operated with a single phase tubular motor, the door also includes an internal manual override facility. It also features a safety brake to prevent injury.

A Popular Upgrade

To understand the benefits of steel roller shutter doors, you have to further review their operation. The doors, which open vertically, offer a compact way to add to your building’s security. Whilst some commercial doors feature a tracking mechanism, this piece of hardware is not required on a roller design. As a result, this type of door gives you more room to store items or receive shipments. The operation is easy, too, which gives this door a competitive edge if products are regularly delivered or shipped.

Other Benefits

If you wish to enhance your building’s security and the general operations of your facility, a roller shutter door made of galvanised steel is a good choice. The door also provides the following benefits:

  • It is constructed to the highest standard and therefore can stand up to daily wearandtear.
  • As noted, the door opens vertically instead of out. As a result, the space in front of the roller door can be accessed with greater ease. In fact, vehicles can park against the door, which, again, simplifies loading and unloading.
  • Doors made today are graffiti-resistant, which keeps vandals from defacing your property.

Increased Security

Because bespoke roller doors increase your property’s safety and security, you also want to make sure that you equip your premises with an alarm and security lights. All these items make it possible for you to enjoy an increased level of security and a safer working environment.

Do You Need a Heavy-Duty Industrial Door?

If you own an industrial facility, you can also order a three-phase industrial roller shutter door. The roller shutter curtain is made from a 20- or 22-gauge galvanised steel lath and the bottom is fitted with a T-section rail for increased strength. Guide rails at the side are featured in different sizes and range from 50mm to 100mm wide. A wind guide may also be installed on the door and is optional.

Three-phase industrial roller shutters are powered by a three-phase direct drive motor with a safety break built into the construction. The motor also comes with a five-pin plug. Pre-wired starters and open/close and emergency stop buttons are standard.