What You Need to Know About Stairlifts?

There’s no denying that mobility stairlifts are associated with getting older; however, far from being a symbol of retirement they are actually a hugely positive thing. They are all about regaining independence, reclaiming your movement around the home, enabling access and maintaining a quality of life.

What is a Stairlift?

Stairlifts work relatively simply: they are chairs which run on a track up the stairs. They are powered by 24volt batteries which are charged by electricity via an ordinary 3 pin plug socket.  So they can still be used during a power cut or failure in the electricity supply.  They are installed often in the homes of the elderly to facilitate moving from a lower floor to a higher floor up the stairs and down again.

Modern stairlifts are very functional and you can get models for either curved or straight stair cases. So, even if you think your staircase isn’t suitable for a stairlift you might just be surprised. You can look online for more information in regards to this.

Who is a Stair-lift Suitable For?

Many owners have some movement impairment but can more-or-less navigate around their home.
They might find that going up and down the stairs, however, is a problem. Other than moving out of the home, the installation of a stair lift allows a homeowner to stay in their home, in comfort and with independence.

If you’re interested in stairlift prices then you can look online for more information. If you’re concerned about stair lift prices then you might consider used models, which are just as effective.