Plastic Cards


Sales of blank plastic cards are continuing to increase. Advances in technology make it viable for companies to print their own membership and ID cards. Increasing large numbers of them are deciding to do so. They like the fact they have total control over the printing procedure. They can decide exactly what is printed on each card.

If a club wants to change the way their membership cards look it is really easy to do so. Changing the design of their cards on a regular basis makes it harder for fraudsters to produce and distribute fake copies. This is, of course, good for security.

Other Uses for Plastic Cards

However, increasingly ordinary businesses are using them in other ways. They are finding that they are perfect for business cards. Because they are more durable, they tend to be kept for longer by potential clients.

It is far easier to print bold designs onto plastic cards. Bright colours tend to over saturate card, so it is harder to come up with bold designs that work.

Plastic cards can also be used to promote specific products and services. They only cost a few pence each, so this is not as expensive as it sounds.