The Art Of Running Safely

Being in the depths of winter, we all know that safety should be the highest priority when running outside. The dark nights, often accompanied by wind and rain, means only the most dedicated runners venture outside. So, those who do should take various precautions to stay safe. First of all, sticking to well-lit streets is essential, especially if running alone. If this isn’t possible, make sure someone knows your route and how long it normally takes you. Second is to wear brightly coloured sportswear such as pieces from the Mizuno sportswear range so you can be seen clearly.

Staying on the topic of running safely, a pair of correctly fitting running shoes is essential to avoid injury and strain on the joints. Mizuno running shoes are designed with the very latest technology in mind. Allowing your foot to move naturally and have trainers to compliment that movement, Mizuno developed Dynamotion Fit. The shoes are specially designed to move with your foot, with the shoe upper moving like a second skin as your foot bends and flexes whilst running. The heel is kept secure with the flexible material stretching and contracting with the foot preventing blisters.

The shoes are not only designed for comfort, but to help you run safely. The soles disperse the impact which can lead to painful joints, over time can lead to permanent injury. The well-fitting trainers will also prevent the foot sliding around in the shoe and stop the material from bunching up and rubbing.