What Are The Safety Implications Of Fittings Like Pipe Flanges?

Because the oil and gas industries are reliant on often difficult process and sophisticated systems this can have profound implications in terms of health and safety. Many chemicals and other materials used in these contexts  are inherently dangerous, they might be corrosive or they might be travelling at very high pressures.

The importance of health and safety should be reflected in the quality of equipment used. As you might imagine, there is a raft of legislation that governs the use of equipment such as pipe flanges. This isn’t arbitrary by any means, and without the highest safeguards in place workers and workplaces would be vulnerable to all sorts of problems.

More recently there has been in increased focus on the importance of the environment, and the potential harm that the oil and gas industries, without the right safeguards in place, can do to the environment. Environmental protections depends not just on the integrity of systems and equipment, but also on the behaviour of companies, their willingness to carry out emergency response exercises etc.

The foundation layer of workplace health and safety is equipment. Equipment like flanges needs to be produced from the highest quality materials, built to withstand the various challenges implicit in the petrochemical industry. This equipment will benefit from the usage of ultra-modern materials such as duplex and super duplex.