Pressure Washers: Choosing The Right Model

With the power to make even the hardest outside cleaning job a blast, a pressure washer can be a wonderful tool. Ideal for cleaning patios, washing a car or even removing debris from guttering and drains, they are invaluable no matter the season.

There are also many different models to choose from, with many top brands producing wide ranges. Models available can be driven by petrol or electricity, for example. There are also washers suited to domestic and commercial settings; ensuring the best results can be achieved.

Things to Consider

Other than considering the manufacturer and the power, it is also important to check the specification of the machine. For example, for those cleaning cars regularly, a static machine will be fine. However, if the machine is being used for garden cleaning and so on, a portable model will be more suitable.

Above anything else though, the power a washer delivers is the most important thing. Whilst getting the most powerful machine affordable is a good starting point, it is also worth considering that too much power can cause damage.

Performing Under Pressure

A machine that provides up to 100 bar pressure is perfect for light use, such as cleaning garden furniture, hand tools and wheelie bins. A slightly higher pressure will deliver enough power to tackle cars and fences.

No matter what machine is purchased, it is worth looking at what accessories are available to make the jobs even easier. All pressure washers should also be accompanied with the right health & safety kit as this will provide protection from detergents and debris.