Various Importance Of Doing Car Service At Regular Interval

A car is a luxury item, which many people own. Everybody wants that their car should run smoothly and without any problem when they go for short or long drive. People mostly use their car for going to office and for other purposes. Servicing of the car should be done regularly so that if there is any defect, it can be amended. If the car is not serviced, it can lead to many problems and the owner may even have to tow the car from the place of breakdown to the garage for repairing. Towing and repairing can cost a lot of money.

If the car servicing is not done on regular basis, it can lead to more problems. Maintenance of the vehicle is not difficult. Some drivers also have a little knowledge and they can resolve minor problems. They can check pressure in the tyre, change the oil and check fluids in the engine. People can always check the user manual, which they get while purchasing the car and can do some minor tasks related to maintenance.

Risks of failing maintenance

There are many risks, which an owner has to face if he does not maintain his vehicle properly. There can be serious problem and repairing them can cost a lot of money. There can be mechanical failures, or lack of certain fluids which can cause breakdown while going on a drive.  Here are some of the risks, which an owner has to face if proper car service is not done.

Replacement of cylinder

There are chances when the cylinder of the engine needs to go through car service or replaced. If the fuel, air, and sparks are not proper, this can lead to failure of cylinder because it is overheated. Replacement of cylinder is very costly.

Replacement of transmission assembly

If there is no regular maintenance, it can lead to transmission problems. Due to these problems, turning the car becomes difficult. In case of replacing this, the owner has to spend a lot of money.

Spark plug and cylinder head replacement

Engine will be failed of the head of the cylinders and spark plug will not work properly. It can also cause over heating of the cylinders and they also have to be replaced. Replacing all these things can cost a lot of money.

Replacement of camshaft

Oil must be changed regularly because if it is not done, dirt can accumulate around the valves and lead to the failure of camshaft. Camshaft is not very costly but regular maintenance can increase its life and replacement will not be needed.

These are some of the serious problems, which can cost the owner a lot of money. Here we will discuss some important maintenance tasks, which should be done regularly to reduce maintenance cost.

Types of vehicle maintenance tasks

There are many types of vehicle maintenance, which an owner has to perform regularly to save the car from serious damage. Some of these car service tasks are described here.

Fluids should be checked regularly

Engine oil and transmission fluid should be checked regularly along with engine coolant liquid. If the quantity has become less or if they have become dirty, immediate replacement is needed.

Tyre pressure should be checked

Regular check up of air ion the tyres should be done as if the pressure is not correct, it can damage the tyres. If too much air is filled, it can lead to bursting of tyres. Vehicle handbook is available to tell how much pressure should be kept in the tyre. A car mechanic can also tell the pressure according to the condition of the tyre.

Wrapping up

These are some of the important tasks, which a professional should check when a car arrives for car service. A client can opt for quick or full service as per the requirement.