Smart Dental Technology Could Promote Itself Better: Trends Dentists Must Implement Soon

Technological innovations have profoundly impacted several industries, including dental. If you are a dentist or associated with the field in some way, make sure to keep pace. By using the advancements emerging every now and them, you can have a more efficient practice along with agreeable patient experiences. The following write-up specifies a few top dentistry trends. Please check them out right now.

Optical Scanner

An optical scanner could be defined as a device that captures ocular dental impressions directly. It works just like the other 3D scanners in the sense that it projects light beams on the object meant to be scanned.

Optical scanners have become an integral part of the dental sector. After all, it can create an accurate replica of one’s oral structure, offering a digitized map of one tooth or all the teeth.

This authoritative page about dental implants, bridges, crowns, and porcelain veneers states that for treatments you will need a representation of your patient’s current dentition. Optical scans are much better than the traditional ways of taking dental impression.

Some worth-mentioning benefits include:

  • Realistic measurements.
  • Better quality.
  • Enhanced patient engagement.
  • Reduced patient discomfort.
  • Perfect communication between the patient and the technician.


Cloud Based Storage

Cloud based storage aims at keeping information secure. Of course, one must choose a genuine provider. With this particular technology, you will have negligible human error, which accounts for approximately 60% of breaches. Automate the backup procedure to the cloud, and your data will not only remain protected but also up-to-date.

Cloud software is cheaper than the desktop versions. You need to spend a tad on the subscription but you do not have to worry about regular maintenance or frequent upgrades. Now that’s amazing, right?

Three Dimensional (3D) Printing

Several top-notch dental manufacturers are utilizing 3D printers to fabricate and print surgical guides, models, orthodontic appliances, and provisional restorations. Mentioned below are some ways to use 3D printing.

  • Repairing or replacing damaged teeth- The appointed professional scans the mouth with an optical scanner, thus, creating a 3D image of the gums and teeth. The image is saved as a file and modified through CAD (computer aided design) software. The final image that shows the tooth/teeth in need of repair/replacement can be printed.
  • Producing Orthodontic Model- Instead of relying on conventional methods where a patient has to bite on the clay, you may use 3D printing to get a computerized image of his/her oral condition. You can then use the image to design the perfect orthodontic treatment. The same technique can be applied for producing bridges, caps, crowns, dentures, etc.


If they wish to grow and stay relevant in the modern competitive landscape, the dentists must implement the brand-new technologies with utmost caution. You do not have to adopt everything at once, but, recognize the areas in the practice that could benefit from an upgrade and the areas that could perform more proficiently when expose to the advanced tools and strategies.

The dental clinics that have already invested in the aforementioned trends must now focus on promoting themselves. How can they expect to reach a major segment of the population else? Even though it’s not the silver bullet, but social media marketing helps. Try sharing posts about your exclusive services, upload images of your contemporary office, etc. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other such platforms.

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