Safe, Secure Cash Transport

Ordinary vehicles simply aren’t suited to all types of transit. When it comes right down to it, a vehicle is really just a tool like any other. It’s a poor carpenter who hammers nails with a screwdriver, and it’s a poor transporter – potentially in more than one sense of the word – who tries to move large sums of money in a regular car. When you need to move your cash around securely and in a manner that doesn’t attract undue attention, you need to call upon the services of armoured trucks capable of protecting your cash as it’s in transit and avoiding unwanted attention in the process.


CIT, or cash in transit, is a sub-division of the security industry that specialises in safely and securely moving large amounts of money from one place to another. There are a few companies that provide CIT services, and it’s always best for you to work with one capable of delivering exactly what you need from them. CIT companies can show potential clients how important loyalty and consistency is to them by offering regular pick-up and deposits. This system works by the client demonstrating a location for cash to be picked up, the armoured truck transporting the cash to a deposit location such as a bank or credit union, and then depositing the cash accordingly. This way, you can make regular cash deposits without having to worry about moving the money around yourself, allowing you to avoid the stress and strain of high-value transport so you can get on with your daily life.

Superlative Security

In the security business, there are two critical components that always have to be top notch in order for the company to deliver exemplary results every time. The equipment – in this case, the armoured trucks and their outfits – is one of these components. The other is the quality of staff employed by the company.

When you’re looking at armoured trucks, you always want unmarked trucks that don’t attract attention. Nothing piques a thief’s interest like a gaudy armoured truck that looks more like a billboard than a security vehicle. The trucks should always be outfitted with a safe and a fire extinguisher. The safe, of course, is to keep the valuables protected while in transit, and is standard issue for any CIT service in the security industry. The fire extinguisher is a just-in-case piece of equipment so the security professionals in your armoured truck can safely and efficiently dispose of any fire threat that occurs in the secure area of the van. Of course, you want both CCTV and insurance for the company’s fleet to be standard issue for certain routes and locations.

Security equipment, however, is only as good as the professional using it. That’s why you want to work with specially trained, experienced security personnel who are regularly re-trained and assessed to determine their continued viability as members of the security industry. CIT security is a physically demanding job, and when you’re moving valuables you always want to work with the best.