Tips For Home-Workers

There are all sorts of reasons why home-working is on the rise: there are more self-employed people than ever, it’s generally better for the environment and connectivity is now very sophisticated and effective. Sometimes working from home might simply be the best solution for your business, perhaps you simply can’t afford to hire out dedicated office space.

Whilst working from home is now a very mainstream mode of working it can still be challenging making the change from commuting to work every-day to simply walking to your home office. Here are some tips:

Ensure that you have dedicated working space. This is very important and ensures that you feel like you’re working. Try and replicate the feeling of a business office as much as possible. If working at home is a regular thing then you might consider garden buildings. This is a kind of sustainable housing that lends itself perfectly to the functional home office.

In fact, those who work from home are sometimes missing out simply because they spend less time outside. At least when you commute there is a sense that you’re going somewhere. When you take a break from working at home why not go for a walk in the great outdoors or if working in a garden office remember to take in the scenery.

Productivity is another big issue for home-workers. Whilst connectivity may have increased exponentially in recent years  this also means greater access to various distractions such as Twitter and Facebook. Ensure you limit your time on these sites, when using Chrome or Firefox you can get add-ons that help you do this.