Every PA Needs Effective Writing Training

Today’s PA is taking on more and more responsibility. Top Personal Assistants work one on one with senior managers who rely on them to organise their entire working week. They’d be completely lost with them. A good PA is an all rounder, someone a manager can turn to to help with a huge variety of different tasks. It’s a role that’s challenging, but extremely rewarding too. These extra demands mean that any PA has to keep on adding to the skill set to keep up with what their boss expects from them.

Increasingly a PA might be expected to pick up writing tasks, like researching and drafting reports for example. Without the right training this can be a little daunting. After all, there’s a real skill to researching and presenting information in a coherent, logical and compelling manner. People have to process statistics, figures and other kinds of information before putting them all together to share with colleagues.

Effective writing training gives people the building blocks to successfully get to grips with the discipline of writing reports and presenting information in written form. Chances are people might not have done much writing since school days. Written communication in business is very different. An effective writing course helps delegates develop a new style of communication. One that’s to the point, succinct, clear and logical. A PA needs these skills in modern business. With bosses needing more and more help as they struggle to stay on top of their workloads and a PA has to adapt to support them.