Social Networking in Real Estate

Today everyone seems to be using one or the other social networks. Therefore it makes all the more sense for every business to utilize the power of these networks to maximize its reach and efficiency.

When a survey revealed that 84% of real estate agents are leveraging one or the other social networks, it was the least of surprising result. After all it only makes sense in this online age to become a net savvy marketer in order to edge out the competition.  Most successful real estate professionals understand the leeway using social networks provide them and therefore they would not risk not using them for their advantage. With the kind of skills realtors have in real life person-to-person environment, they can definitely turn the tide in their favor on social media as well with just little efforts. Here are some tips to put your social networking cap on.

  • Active participation

Social media isn’t just a place to sell your brand. It has a much greater purpose to serve. You should use the social networks to create a meaningful conversation with your connections.  Engage with the audience in every possible way and actively answer their questions, or respond to their tweets and Facebook updates.

  • Maintain a real estate blog

Blog is the biggest social media tool invented in the Web 2.0 era. It is the best form of self promotion without pushing your product in to face of others. Use your blog as an opportunity to share the knowledge you have with the customers. You should use the blog to establish your authority amongst the clients as well as competition. A successful blog will require you to post regularly and it will also require ample sharing of the content on different social networking platforms. There are many realtors who have gained unprecedented success after writing a blog.

  • Develop a content strategy

Posting the same content all over again on every social networking platform or blogging randomly won’t take you very far as a social networking expert. The truth is, to have a grip on your social media strategy you need to have a clear content strategy. Before posting just any content you need to ask yourself questions such as , “ Is this going to help my readers?  What goal does this content serves?”.  There is so much information available on the internet so it is all the more challenging to create fresh content.   What exactly makes your content special? If you are able to answer these questions, that would serve as the basis of your content strategy.

  • Using social media like FB and Twitter to increase traffic

The ultimate goal for every business is conversion. Until you are able to convert the social media discussions and updates into conversion for your business, the purpose remains disserved.  Conversion requires the customers to visit your website. Social networks are the perfect tool for driving more traffic to your website. The incredible reach of social networks ensures that your friends and the friends of your friends get to know about your business. Your connections on social channels will serve as the medium through which you can distribute your marketing material.

  • Gain a trusted following

Looking for a house on rent or new home to buy can be a stressful as well as tiring process and that is why prospective buyers first look for good advice on social media channels to save the wastage of time and efforts. You must have seen a friend asking for advice on a particular neighborhood or a realtor. People will trust their peers more than marketing, therefore make efforts to put yourself amongst the people you intend to serve. Create a trusted following by offering free advices, highlighting your policies and achievements and answering all the queries of your connections, however naïve they might sound.