Four Points Never To Ignore While Dealing With Real Estate Agents

Having a better buyer-agent relationship is crucial for the success of a real estate deal. This is because, before you can call a place your home, there is a long road to tread, and a real estate agent is your only partner in this mission. Therefore, you should know the ins-and-outs of dealing with them.

Buying or selling a home is a gut-wrenching task that involves a lot of formalities, investment of time and efforts and application of common sense. Sometimes it becomes all too much to handle for a single person and maybe that’s why god invented what we have come to known as real estate agents. These individuals are programmed to understand all the technicalities of real estate buying, selling or leasing. Equipped with this superpower they assist the mere mortals who are surrounded by the veil of ignorance about the best ways of conducting this business.

However, one must understand that the ultimate benefactor or the loser in this deal isn’t the real estate agent but the buyer or seller. A realty agent is just a lever who helps turn the deal in favor of the side to which he has sworn his loyalty. It is only through coordination and mutual trust between the buyer and agent that one can expect to a deal to accomplish successfully. Finding a real estate agent with whom you can share the perfect emotional and professional rapport is like finding a needle in a haystack or even more difficult. You can never be too sure of the other person. However if you keep these points in mind, your chances of success increase considerably.

Be clear about your preferences

Before you even think about hiring a real estate agent you must be clear in your mind about the various qualities or skills you would want your real estate agent to have. Other facts that need to be kept in mind include of you want to hire a personal agent or a listing agent. A listing agent works for multiple home buyers and sellers at the same time through his agency, while a personal agent would be able to tend to your requirements in a better manner as he will work only for your cause. Interview the agent and don’t be afraid of asking tough questions like his previous success record and how long he has been in the business. Have a clear understanding regarding how you would like to proceed with the communication further, the time frame and the means of communication.

Avoid signing documents on the first few meeting

Property dealing is lot more paperwork that you actually think. Since you are still not acquainted with the real estate agent and the various formalities involved in home buying, it is advised to not to sign any sort of paperwork. Do not feel any form of hesitation or embarrassment to let the agent know about your discomfort and ignorance. An understanding realtor would understand your predicament and give you time as well as make you knowledgeable about the contents of the documents.

Do not deal with multiple agents simultaneously

Trying to act smart by dealing with multiple agents at the same time? One thing to remember is that a real estate agent is a lot smarter than you think he actually is by the virtue of his experience and expertise in the business. He will surely come to know of the fact that you are taking the service of another agent, which isn’t a crime in itself, but acts as a de-motivating factor for the realty agent in question.  Besides, if you are home-shopping in specific location, it means that all agents have access and knowledge of the same sample of properties. Hiring multiple agents is such a situation doesn’t make much sense.

Do not act pushy with the agent just because you have an Internet connection

Internet has brought unlimited power of knowledge to the lap of every computer literate and web user. Whatever be your query, the web has an answer to it. Home buyers can also very well leverage this power to their advantage, which is a good thing in fact. However, a self-awareness exercise should not turn into I am-the-expert attitude. Nothing is more irritating for a real estate agent than being dictated by a self-proclaimed insta-expert. A realtor has acquired his expertise through spending years in the business, handling tough real-world situations. No amount of internet-enabled-knowledge can replace his experience.

An engineer by qualification, but destined to be a writer, Saurabh Tyagi has spent last few years of his life closely observing the real estate industry. His written works on topics like real estate dealers, home buying and selling have been published on leading online blogs.