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How To Choose The Best Rental Property?

Investing in rental properties, especially in high-demand areas like Chiswick, is always a great idea. It will give a boost to your investment portfolio and can be very rewarding when you make the right choice. But things might get a little confusing if you are a first-time investor. Real estate is a tough business, and you have to be very careful if you want the best returns. If you are thinking about investing in a rental property in Chiswick, but don’t know how to do that correctly, keep reading the article.

Features Of Top Rental Properties

When searching for the right rental properties, estate agents in Chiswick suggests looking for the following features:


When you are trying to buy a property so that you can rent it, try understanding your tenant’s perspective. If you were a tenant, you would want to live in a good, crime-free, convenient, and happening neighbourhood. So go for properties situated in highly demanded neighbourhoods. For example, if you buy a property near a university, you will get flooded with rental requests from students from different countries and states to do a program there.


No one would want to live in an area or property surrounded by criminal activities. So before you invest in a property, find out the criminal rates of the area. Check the rates of serious and petty crimes, including vandalism. Also, check if the crime rate in the area is in a rising or decreasing trend. Try to find out how often the police come to the neighbourhood.


Before finalizing a property, tour the neighbourhood and see the amenities available. See how close the restaurants, parks, gyms, theatres, malls, etc., are available. These are the perks that attract a lot of renters.

Future Developments

You can consult estate agents in Chiswick and understand the current and future conditions of the real estate market in the area. See if the area has a lot of construction going on. If so, it would have a chance of high growth in the future. Watch out for developments that would influence the property price in the neighbourhood. Also, look for new housing projects that could compete with your property.

Average Rent

As you are opting for a rental investment, it is crucial to know the area’s average rent. Make sure that the rent can cover your mortgage cost, or you will have an additional burden. Research the area and see what its potential rental income will be in the next five years.

If you want to get your hands on the best rental properties in Chiswick without any hassles and at the best price, consult experienced real estate agents in the area. They will offer you all-around assistance.