Three of The Best Small Power Tools To Have

When thoughts turn to power tools, it is often large electric drills and jigsaws that come to mind. However, there are many smaller power tools that are useful to have around too which, thanks to size, can always be on hand.

Stud sensor

One small tool that could be invaluable for some is an electronic stud sensor. A model with an LCD display giving details of what has triggered the sensor is best, as are those able to check for wood and metal. Ensuring the batteries used are powerful for extended and accurate use is important too, giving confidence in the device.

Oscillating multi-tool

These useful tools are quite new to the market but popularity is increasing. With the ability to easily grout a tile and scrape away excess putty, a host of accessories can be simply clipped to the device. With the oscillation making a breeze of even the most arduous of chores, these could soon become a household favourite.

Infrared thermometer

Before anything else, an infrared thermometer makes taking the temperature of an object much more fun than regular thermometers – there is something exciting about pointing a laser gun. They are incredibly useful too though, and are useful for recording the heat from drafts and walls and all manner of hard to reach places; helping to understand insulation and exclusion needs.

These tools may not be in constant use around the home but they will all prove handy on a number of occasions. Each or all would be a valuable addition as they don’t take up much tool storage space either.