How To Find The Perfect Tenant To Rent Your Property?

Keeping an empty property for a long time is a certain injury to the owner. But renting for a troublesome renter can be much worse. The risks range from having your well damaged, to an exhaustive eviction action.

How to find a good tenant and how do you know who will really be a good payer and take good care of your home or apartment? There are some precautions that can be taken to reduce the risks with your tenant. So before signing the lease, check out our tips!

Make a first evaluation by phone

Try to talk in advance, by phone, with all those interested in renting the property. This first contact will serve as a pre-selection because often enough information is enough for you, or the person concerned, to realize that negotiation will not be fruitful.

Clarify doubts about the property and use it to stress restrictions, such as not accepting pets, for example. It is a good time; too, to get to know the candidate’s personality, whether it is calm and polite. Having a good relationship is very important for those who live in an apartment if you can avoid renting to a tenant who causes problems with the neighbors, the better.

Invite to know the property

Applicants who have passed the first evaluation will be interested in knowing the property. And this is the time to learn more about the personality and lifestyle of this prospective tenant. Analyze your questions, your posture, ask about your day to day, the reason for the change and observe your physical appearance. This last item is not about prejudice, but a person who takes good care of your appearance will most likely be careful with your home.

Create a cadastral file

For all applicants who are really interested in renting your property, make a cadastral form with information such as:

  • Name, current address, telephone;
  • Professional data (profession, company, business telephone);
  • Reference contacts of previously rented properties (especially the latter);
  • Income.

The candidate can fill out the form at the time of the visit to the property. Furthermore, know more about how to find a perfect tenant at

Ask for more documents

Request documentation from the prospective tenant to protect yourself from fraud and counterfeiting. It can be the national driver’s license or the work card, for example. Also request proof of income, such as pay slips and bank statements.