How Minibox Self-Storage Works

Minibox Self-storage offers its customers with unique and quality services which are supported by progressive years of experience. Mini storage facilities in Hong Kong is equipped with attentive and dedicated staff which has resulted in the company being recognized as the best in entire Hong Kong for many years it has been in existence. This is simply due to their devotion to delivering quality contribute facilities and services.

Hong Kong Self-Storage Services

On every location within Hong Kong, self-storage service provides the services that can make self-storage much easier. Anyone can have an access to a unit daily on the course of the week without booking an appointment. Hong Kong storage services offer 24-hour CCTV surveillance but they allow the owner to keep the key to the storage facility without depending on anyone to have in order to have an access in. With monthly leases, the owner keeps his unit as short or as long as he/she would like with a minimal commitment.

Minibox storage is available as the locker-sized cabinet to store seasonal clothes and golf clubs, large units for storing household furniture and large units. These choices are added advantages to an easy Minibox self-process.  The following are essential storage process:

Choose the location of your Minibox

It is always advisable to select the most convenient location where you can have free, unlimited access to private self-storage unit each day between 07.00 to midnight hours

Find out the capacity of space you require

It is much better to choose a unit type and size air-conditioned and dehumidified that fit the size of the storage. You can do this by choosing from a large washing machine to as bigger as 2 bedrooms.

Get the quote

Any client can request a quote through the phone or by visiting an official website or via reception office. In order to make a reservation, a customer is required to deposit 1-month rent fee for holding unit and cost of 30 days. Upon signing in, a deposit fee charge for security, which is normally refundable after moving out.

Visit your Private Storage unit

The customer can meet the service manager at the chosen facility during the office hours to check his/her sign unit agreement. If the size is wrong, the client changes the unit depending on the available unit.

Choosing the Storage Protection and packing materials

Hong Kong provides a wide range of packing material and packing boxes at their reception offices including security padlocks for securing the units. Hong Kong storage management fee includes the protection plan to ensure safety on the belongings.

Moving in and out the unit

The rental agreement normally begins upon moving in the personal unit. The company will then provide security pin access code storage facility. If you want to move in bulky items, the company will provide a trolley, step ladders, and pallet jackets or recommended expert movers. Once you’ve moved in, keep your private locked at all times.

Once you already have done with your storage space and you no longer need it, you will be requested to give the company 14 days’ advance notice before vacating out of the unit. And the empty should be left unlocked once you’re done removing your possessions.