What Features Should A Visitor Management System Must Have?

A robust and well implemented digital visitor management system is capable of delivering many benefits to your business. Right from the invitation to checkout, every stage of visitor registration at the reception can now be digitized through a digital visitor management software system. It really transforms to a virtual receptionist for your workspace and manages visitors efficiently at the front desk. Be it employees, clients, vendors or temporary personnel an electronic visitor management system ensures that only the approved people get access to your office facility. Below are some of the important features that any good visitor management system should possess for best results:-

Custom branding and flow:-

A good visitor management system should highlight the company’s logo and brand name on the upfront for impressing your guests and giving a great first impression. The system should be capable of presenting the appropriate screen flow based on purpose, type and need of the operator.
Pre-register your guests:-     

It’s always better to Pre-register your expected visitors which will ultimately prevent crowding at reception area therefore look for this feature for sure when appointing a new visitor management system.

Digital signature and Image capture:-

A good system should have the capability to capture a digital signature of the guest registering on it that will provide better visitor data for security. Apart from signature visitor photograph should also be captured that will help for better analysis and hassle free appointments.

Customised visitor badges :-

The visitor management system check in process should offer printing customised visitor badge for every visitor to identify the on-site visitor. Regardless of pre-registration or check-in on arrival every modern visitor management software allows the user to print customised ID badges in few seconds time.

Instant host notifications :-

Whenever a visitor arrives and checks-in on visitor management software at that very moment the host should be notified of the visitor’s presence at your workspace. This is done via automated notification system that pings to the host responsible for better interaction. For instance when host is not available they can adjust the meeting time by having a chat with the visitor.

Non disclosure agreement and submit feedback option:-

A good visitor management system has legal document acknowledgement as a part of check-in process. A user has to just sign the documents digitally with ease of touch. Submitting feedback is very important feature in any software because a product can only succeed if the people using it suggest its drawbacks and neccessary changes.

Centralised data at one place:-

The best visitor management system tracks all visitor data through a impressive and easy to navigate dashboard where you can check every single information related to visitors. The system should also allow customization of the dashboard appearance according to the admin requirement.