A Guide To Test Driving A Used Car


Inverness car dealers have hundreds of used cars to choose from. A test drive is a useful way to assess a used car prior to purchase. Unfortunately, very few potential car buyers know how to make the most of their test drive. Some could end up paying over the odds for a problem-filled car. So, how is it possible to use a test drive to find out if one of the many used cars in Inverness is good value? Here are some tips:

Before a Test Drive

Prior to a test drive, plan a driving route. Try to have a mixture of local streets and dual carriage ways to see how the car feels on different roads. It might be possible to negotiate with a car dealer over the length of a test drive. Ideally, it should be around half an hour to be able to fully assess a car’s quality.

Before setting off to drive, adjust the mirrors, seats and steering wheel. This should be easy to do. Turn on all the controls (e.g. heating and air conditioning) to check that everything works correctly.

While Driving

using the steering wheel, pay attention to how quick it is to respond. There shouldn’t be any delay. In a safe place, perform an emergency stop. The brakes should feel firm and the car shouldn’t veer to the left or right. Check how the car feels on a variety of different surfaces.

After the Test Drive

Make notes about the drive straight away, and discuss any potential problems with a mechanic.