The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shower Enclosures and Usage Tips

Use of shower enclosures and shower doors make it possible to turn the corner of your bathroom an elegant looking shower area. Shower enclosure and units are increasing in day to day life. The range of products available in the market is astounding, and many customers face difficulty in choosing the right one for their house or office.

Shower doors are constructed using safety glass, metal and plastic materials.  People started using special shower areas when they didn’t have enough space to keep the bathtub. The bathtubs available today require a lot of space and many find it difficult to give separate area for bathtubs. Moreover, most people prefer shower than bathtub for bathing.  Shower pipe and shower enclosures are easy to install and use.

Space saving shower enclosure:-

Shower enclosures come in a variety of size and shape.  There can be rectangular, circular and cubical ones. The custom made enclosures will fit anywhere in the bathroom’s available space. Limited space is the main drawback of today’s bathrooms. Specifically designed shower enclosures can be kept wherever you want without compromising on the use of other bathroom features. Most of the people prefer to keep shower enclosures in any of the four corners of the bathroom.  Beautifully designed shower enclosures can add beauty to the bathroom.

Range and benefits of enclosures and screens:-

Different models are available in bathroom enclosures having different types of benefits.

  • Hinged screen or panel provides easy access in confined areas, whereas an outward opening door helps to enter into the shower area easily.

  • Another commonly found shower enclosure is sliding or inward folding door that helps to move the doors easily and save some space.

  • Rigid screen panels are permanent structures and it has its own benefits.

  • Shower cabinets are custom made ones and it will have all parts of the shower. One of the advantages of shower cabinet is no other extra work is needed, just have to buy it and keep it in any side of the bathroom, as you wish.

  • Another type is shower screen with shower head mounted over the top. This is less expensive and didn’t require a separate tray.

  • Enclosures keep the bathroom floor dry. A shower bath will make the whole bathroom wet, unless you are not in a shower enclosure. It gives you the benefit of a dry bathroom in two ways.

  • Shower trays have their own drainage outlet and the water will move to the main drainage system. There are different shapes and sizes of shower trays available and you need to be very careful in selecting them .You should always choose the one that fits properly to your enclosure to avoid water leaking at the time of showering.

  • Enclosures make it possible to have steam baths. Shower enclosures help to take hot water bath with the steam not escaping to the general space of the bathroom. The stir-tight enclosure helps to enjoy a steam bath from the comfort of your own house.

Though there are so many benefits, some of the disadvantages of shower enclosure are

  • Fixing the enclosure may not be as easy as you think. One must have proper knowledge to fix it properly at the right place.

  • Certain types of enclosure which gives an elegant look to the bathroom may be less expensive.

Before buying a shower enclosure, plan properly and select the best product as per your requirement.