Collectible Blue And White China


Churchill crockery is world renowned for being stylish, beautiful and collectable. With 200 years of innovation, passion and expertise, The Churchill range can be found in many homes up and down the country as well as in the hospitality industry worldwide. Founded in 1795, in the heart of The Potteries, Churchill tableware and crockery has evolved into a leading, high quality tableware brand.

Blue and white china is a very popular range of the Churchill collection. With the white pottery painted under a glaze with a blue pigment. The many different designs can be hand painted or stencilled on to create the classic blue and white appearance. Possibly the most popular and common pattern is the willow. The willow pattern is said to tell the tale of two star crossed lovers and is influenced by the patterns and techniques used by Chinese porcelain. In turn, the Chinese took influence from the Churchill willow design.

With a huge range of blue and white china from Churchill available to buy, you’ll be able to begin your collection, and continue to add to it for many years to come. The designs are classic and there will always be a demand for the stylish crockery. Although not to everyone’s taste, if you’re a lover of the blue and white tableware, you will understand how special and collectable it really is. There will always be something you haven’t got, so it is perfect for gift buying opportunities when someone is stuck on what to give you.