Why You Should Invest In Autodesk Inventor Training

Are you looking for Autodesk Inventor training for yourself or maybe even staff working for you and your company?

There are many companies out there now offering up this kind of training. However, the best type of training, that is also proven to be the most effective, is specifically tailored training, designed to your requirements.

3D AutoCAD is very complex in nature, so you are going to want to ensure that you have the very best training possible, and that this training is stored in your memory correctly.

Staff training is often one of the first things that gets reduced or halted totally when companies are attempting to reduce costs. However, training should always be considered, with each new software release of Autodesk inventor. Software companies can often add new features and enhancements to familiar programs, or totally change the User Interface of it, so the program that once seemed familiar to everybody can now seem foreign.

There are several good reasons to invest in training for staff:


Correct training can help reduce staff turnover, and improve moral levels amongst staff.


Correctly trained staff leads to increased productivity. Also, staff with good training can cross functionally work in times of higher demand or absence.

Return on Software Investment:

After investing all that money on software, you will maximise your return on this investment, if you have ensured staff have been trained correctly in all the specific tools and features offered.

Time Reduction

It has been said that 12 hours of formal training is the same as 72 hours of self-paced training. So, in other words, you can spend 6 times the amount of time learning how to use a program by yourself.

Autodesk inventor training can be delivered to you or your staff at different levels too, based on your level of experience with the software. After your training needs are ascertained, based around your company objectives, bespoke training can then begin, based on the level of experience each member of staff has already (or lack of, for that matter).

So, at the lowest level of training, staff would be given an insight into the fundamentals of 3D AutoCAD, such as 3D parametric design, assembly drawings, and assembly design using the AutoCAD Inventor Software. This kind of training is ideal for those with no previous experience whatsoever using CAD.

The mid-level then is more suited to those experienced using Autodesk Inventor, and is generally progressed to after completion of the entry level course.  More advanced functions such as skeletal modelling & 3D assemblies would be touched upon.

The more advanced user of Autodesk Inventor would be the most suitable candidate for the highest level of training in the software. Things like creating casts & moulded parts, attractive ergonomic product creation & incorporation of complex shapes into design are trained at this level.

As you can see, the benefits of correctly trained staff can be great. After the initial investment has been made, long term savings can be achieved, due to better understanding of the software.