What Are Your Warehouse or Industrial Storage Needs?

To make the most of your warehouse and industrial storage needs, you need to have access to a number of solutions. That means you should rely on one source to obtain shelving, cabinets, or lockers. Why look around at different sites when you can go to one website to obtain exactly what you need?


What to Expect When Choosing Storage Services

When choosing a racking and shelving supplier, make sure the company offers a full line of storage products as well as services. Professional storage service packages should include consultation, design, estimates, and product delivery. A complete end-to-end service also offers installation, dismantling, relocation, and inspections.

Types of Warehouse and Industrial Storage

Storage solutions in Antrim, when all-inclusive, include the following items:

  • Pallet racking
  • Shelving
  • Cabinets and cupboards
  • Lockers
  • Cantilever racking
  • Small parts storage insulation
  • Self-storage units

Cantilever Racking

Other solutions offered by a racking and shelving company often include workbenches, partitioning and fit-outs, and labelling. One of the specialised storage solutions that is used by professionals in the timber industry, at vehicle salvage yards, and amongst builders’ merchants is cantilever racking. This type of racking, which is single-sided, can easily be converted to double-sided racking if needed. The racking is featured in a variety of arm lengths and heights, and is also galvanised for outdoor use.

The shelves are free-standing and display load carrying arms that extend horizontally outward from one vertical column. Therefore, long or lengthy items such as tubing, furniture, timber, and steel bars can be placed on the shelves.

Storing Hazardous Substances

If you are seeking storage solutions for chemicals or hazardous materials, you can obtain the cabinets you need to store such substances. Premium storage options under this classification feature cabinets for acids or alkaline materials, toxins, or COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) materials. Cabinets are also available for storing personal protective equipment (PPE) items that include gloves, protective eyewear, safety vests, and hard hats.

Racking Choices

If you need heavy-duty shelving such a pallet racking, you can have racking and shelving set up that includes the following:

  • Adjustable pallet racking
  • Bespoke bunded or spill pallets for the containment of fuels or oils
  • Narrow aisle racking
  • Protections for racking
  • Organisers for racks
  • Mobile pallet racking
  • Drive-in and drive-through racking options

Metal Shelving

You can also choose robust metal shelving in the form of the following:

  • Tyre racking
  • Longspan shelving
  • Multi-tier shelves
  • Mobile shelving
  • Mistral shelves
  • Library shelves
  • Boltless shelving
  • Carton live shelving

Choose a One-Stop Source

As you can see, your shelving options are varied and diverse. That is why it is helpful to go to a one-stop source for your racking and shelving needs. Whether you work in a warehouse facility or at an industrial or construction site, you can find just the right type of storage solution to accommodate your requirements.