The Right Image In Business

Image is everything in business, and your business card is one of your most important marketing tools, so it needs to be top notch. It is far more than just a way to pass on contact information, and says a lot about you as a person. In order to achieve the desired outcome, your business card should be professional, attractive and memorable. People receive business cards all the time,so the trick is to make yours stand out. The quality of the paper and the printing is paramount, as it says something about you and your company.

More than just information

Apart from the obvious contact details, your business card is a projection of your image. The right colours, combined with an attractive logo, with clear text that is just the right size, will leave a lasting impression on everyone. You might be forgiven for thinking that the days of business cards are over, with the digital age firmly established, however a good business card is as important now as it was in the pre-Internet days. We all have memory lapses, and a card is something that we can always refer to, rather than finding oneself in the embarrassing situation when we have forgotten someone’s name. For the right image, enlist the experts in business card printing by Bristol Printing Hub who can advise you about design, and print your business card using the highest quality materials.

The right design

A good business card should include the following,

  • The company name and logo
  • Your name and position within the organisation
  • Your business phone number and email address
  • The company website URL

Too much information looks cluttered, so it isn’t necessary to put the full postal address of your business premises, as this information can be accessed from your company website. It is recommended to leave the back of the card blank, as many people like to make notes to help them remember important points. For this reason, white, or a light shade of card is advisable.

Make it personal

One novel idea that definitely gives you the edge is to put your photo in the corner of the card. If a person receives fifty cards during an exhibition, they are not going to remember the names of the many people they met, so your image will add a personal touch, which increases the likelihood of further contact.

Long-term dividends

A good business card can produce results long after you had that chance meeting, so always  carry enough and don’t be shy to hand them out. People do not always need your services at the time of meeting, so most people will religiously store the cards they accumulate, and whenever they are in need of a particular service, they will browse through and locate the right person.

The right image counts

A striking business card, accompanied with a pleasant personality, can bring the desired results for any business. Don’t skimp on this important marketing resource, and always print far more than you think you will need, after all they can be given out in social environments as well as formal business settings.