Matte Versus Glossy Sticker Finishes

Matte is the new trend in everything from makeup to the paper on which stickers are printed. Those who are looking to print basic stickers for marketing purposes may not realise the difference the proper finish makes. Marketing is all about promotion, and if something isn’t printed perfectly, it could make the difference between gaining or losing an essential sale. Stickers can help you appeal to the demographic you’re trying to reach.

The Basics of Matte and Glossy Finishes

A matte look is a type of finish that’s flat and without lustre. It doesn’t shine and bounce light like a glossy finish does. Glossy stickers can be more vibrant in a way due to their wet-looking finish, but reflect light more easily than matte does. If you’re trying to use large stickers to promote inside of a store, glares caused by the sun and the finish may be harder to read.

If your business is primarily outside, such as a mobile food station or something similar, matte stickers may be your best decision. Not only are you able to write on matte stickers to customise them even more but you also reduce the risk of sun glare. However, matte stickers aren’t as waterproof as glossy stickers, since they don’t have an additional shiny coat.

Glossy is the most common type of finish for sticker printing in Adelaide because the images appear sharper and they don’t get as dirty as matte finishes can. For businesses outside, glossier sticker finishes will appear much more vibrant, but they may be a bit too reflective for our sunny days in Adelaide. There are different types of gloss finishes for those who need to cater to the sun.

Semi-gloss – This is a type of finish that is only somewhat glossy and not as wet-looking as the main type of gloss finish. It’s one of the most affordable types of gloss finish, which is great for businesses who work and market materials outside.

Premium grade – This is a high-quality gloss finish and provides the clearest image in comparison with the other finishes. It’s more expensive than semi-gloss because of its quality.

Why Your Business Should Use Sticker Marketing

Almost anything can have a sticker applied to its surface, and marketing with vibrant materials attracts customers’ attention. From windows to phones to water bottles and even laptop covers, stickers are everywhere and show no signs of stopping. Stickers are the old-school version of social media, and it’s quite an inexpensive way to get people to notice if they’re designed just right.

Offline marketing is still a great way to gain exposure for your business. For example, if your demographic is high school teens, handing out edgy and vibrant stickers for their notebooks or laptops is a great way to gain low-cost exposure via word of mouth. Since teens go to school every day, their classmates will see this sticker every time they take out their notebook. Small marketing wins like this build up and provide great exposure.