Top 5 Secure Video Conferencing Services

If you want to conduct your important business meeting without any kind of interference and insecurity then you should certainly choose video conferencing as the best option. This conferencing solution will keep your conversations secret and thus the desired privacy level will be maintained at the end of the day. 

Five topmost applications offering this conferencing service:-

  1. Gotomeeting: This application is quite mobile-friendly in nature and Logmein is the one that provides the concerned secure video conferencing service. Smartphone users would enjoy extremely high-quality images along with clear sound. Thus, your business meeting can be successfully carried on for hours without any kind of trouble. Apart from the standard features of video conferencing, you will also get many additional ones and the best part is that many participants can join the conference at the same time.
  2. Google Meet: Google workspace has now gifted you with the best application allowing video-conferencing for long. Absolutely top-graded conferencing service you will receive from this application. If you have regular meetings then in that case nothing can be the best option other than this application. External clients can be easily connected and on the other hand the facility of dedicated dial-in can be received as well. Data from different applications can be extracted and used on this platform and future meetings can be easily planned. 
  3. U meeting: In 1996, the application was founded by a popular multimedia software concern in Taiwan named CyberLink. You are strongly suggested choosing the plan” Enterprise Features” that includes end-to-end encryption, outstanding customer-support, meeting analysis and many more. Many amazing admin-tools are also available out here with the use of which the conferencing platform can be customized as per the conferencing requirement. 
  4. Microsoft Teams: It helps the users in scheduling audio or video meetings in the best possible way. Even large meetings or webinars can be conducted as well including almost 10000 participants together. Some brilliant features are live captions, call recording, and screen sharing, chat functionalities and background-bur technology.
  5. Zoom meetings: This application is well-known for its magnificent security features.1000 participants are allowed and 49 videos are being shared. Automated scheduling is being accompanied by a TLS encryption system.

There are many more secure video conferencing solutions available in the list. You can compare their features and benefits in order to choose the best one that perfectly fits the purpose and your need. For a trial you can choose a budgeted plan initially and then you can go for the premium option. It is the conference type on the basis of which the application is being chosen and therefore you should always consider the concerned factor. Make sure that the provider is reliable and can serve you as per your requirement from time to time.