Things To Know About Freight Forwarder Gatwick

Gatwick is located to the south-east of England at a distance of 47.5 km from the Central London. You will be amazed to know that the Gatwick Airport handles a major chunk of the domestic and international passengers. In 2016, the airport managed 43 million passengers. According to a study, the Gatwick Airport creates thousands of jobs and plays a pivotal role in the economy of London. As a matter of fact, the adjoining areas of the Gatwick Airport have been thriving in business activities such as hangout joints, parks, gaming clubs, and aviation museum to name a few.


All those put together indicates the importance of Gatwick. It further construes that there is no dearth of the freight forwarder Gatwick. But, the real challenge lies in selecting the best freight forwarder there.

Key areas of freight forwarder Gatwick:

  • 24×7 service: Exigencies in delivery can always be there especially in the event of a breakdown in the production line. None can predict such a breakdown despite all the care and the preemptive actions. In other words, there could always be a need for the 24×7 freight forwarding service. This round the clock service takes the centre stage in the selection process of a freight forwarding partner, especially when you are to send consignments to the international destinations worth millions.    
  • Multiple services: There could be four types of freight forwarding services available in the advanced countries around the world such as rail, road, air, and the sea. You will be happy to know that some of the freight forwarders in Gatwick offer all the four types of services bespoke to your need from time to time. Therefore, hiring a partner like this can potentially be a great advantage for your business as you won’t need to deal with many freight forwarding partners in Gatwick. This, in turn, will save your productive time, money, and efforts and you can invest those in some more productive pockets of your business. After all, hiring a single partner for all those services, you stand to gain from the economies of scale.     
  • Multiple booking options: The freight forwarder Gatwick that you choose to hire must have the flexibility on booking options. Having said that, we mean, many operators in Gatwick offer booking facility both online and offline such as the booking over the phone. This may be proved congenial for your business. For instance, you need to send an urgent consignment at 2 a.m. on the request of a client.   
  • Accredited freight forwarder: Always choose to hire an accredited freight forwarder that, in turn, will give you the peace of mind. In addition, such a partner will provide you with the online tracking service and the state-of-the-art customer service for sure.

However, the nature of the goods to be consigned such as the fragility, highly perishability, and inflammability also play an important role in the selection of a freight forwarder Gatwick. As such, you must set your priorities in advance with a view to finding the right freight forwarding partner for you in Gatwick.