The Benefits Of Running In Winter

When you wake up in the morning to be greeted with darkness and frost on the windows, you might not be hugely inspired to continue the exercise regime you adhered to so strictly in the warmer months. As such, people often trade the streets for the treadmill, finding that they have less time to set aside for the gym than they do for a morning run, and end up exercising less as a result.

However, whilst it may seem that the cold is a perfectly good reason to avoid running, it may actually be even more beneficial to run outside in the winter than the summer.

So long as you have the right running clothing, you may actually be more comfortable running in the cold than in excessive heat. In the summer it is easy to get very hot and sweaty very quickly, but in the winter you are likely to warm up quickly without overheating.

Furthermore, in the winter it will be easier to find places to run as fewer people will be out, making it far more enjoyable and allowing you to get lost in your own world rather than constantly focussing avoiding other people. When there is snow on the ground it will also make it harder for you, whilst actually cushioning your strides, meaning you burn more calories whilst keeping your body in better condition at the same time.

The cold air can be very liberating and offer more benefits than warm summer air and, for many, a winter run leaves them far more ready to face the day, making them a great deal more productive in the colder months. Therefore, so long as you get the right winter running gear, and force out thoughts of just turning over and going back to bed, you may well find that running in the winter is even more rewarding than doing so in the summer.