Rubber Playground Surfaces

Playground surfaces

are used to cover the ground in areas where children are going to play. They are used to minimise the danger of such areas by softening the impact that would be created when a child falls to the ground. They are also used to add colour and interest to children’s play areas, making them much more inviting to young children.


One of the most popular modern playing surfaces is made from wet pour rubber. Rubber surfaces are a great choice because they are great at cushioning falls, allowing children to run around and play freely without the worry of injury.

They are also great for disabled children as they provide smooth and flat areas which can easily be navigated by wheelchair users, unlike grass or mulch which can be much more difficult to manoeuvre.


Rubber playground surfaces are also a very cost effective option which will last a very long time, thanks to its durable nature and ability to perform well in the toughest of conditions.


Rubber playground surfaces are available in a huge range of bright and bold colours which really help to engage children and encourage them to play in the provided areas where they are safe.