How To Renew Two-Wheeler Insurance

Today, the two-wheelers are a major source of commute for many people in India. However, as soon as the one-year term plan of our two-wheeler policy ends, we stop renewing our two wheeler insurance. Many forget the renewal date, others look for a better policy, and some just feel that it is not required.

Since motor insurance is mandatory under Indian Vehicles Act, 1988, it is out of question whether you should have a new two-wheeler insurance or not. But, you can renew your comprehensive two wheeler insurance on time to avail many benefits such as NCB, no legal implications, and no re-inspection. And even if you are looking for a better policy or forget the renewal date easily, then check for efficient renewal plans and regular renewal reminders.  

Need for Insurance in India

Most of us renew our life insurance regularly, then why not two wheeler insurance?

Here’s why you should consider renewing insurance policy of your comprehensive two-wheeler.

1. Third-party Liability Cover

In case of an accident, third-party liability cover protects you from the financial burden that occurs from the loss of or injury to the third party.

2. Damage or Loss in case of Natural Calamities

Natural calamities such as earthquake, storm, flood, etc. are usually covered under your policy plan. When your two-wheeler is damaged due to these natural calamities, you can easily avoid the financial stress if you have renewed your comprehensive two wheeler insurance.

3. Damage or Loss in case of Man-Made Calamities

Renewing your comprehensive two wheeler insurance does not only financially protect you in case of natural calamities, but also from man-made calamities. Man-made calamities include riots, theft, robbery, etc. However, most insurance policies don’t cover war i.e. an attack carried out by another nation. Nevertheless, if you renew your comprehensive two wheeler insurance, you can still be safe from the financial burden imposed by man-made mishaps.

4. No Legal Implications

Since motor insurance is mandatory in India, if you drive on Indian roads without renewing your two-wheeler insurance plan, then you can face legal implications. To avoid penalty or fine, always renew two wheeler insurance before the policy ends.

5. Accidental Cover for the Rider

Many two-wheeler insurance policies give you a personal accident cover of up to INR 1 Lakh. You can claim this amount when there is permanent or partial disability due to an accident. 

Best Renewal Plans Online

1. Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Offers two plans: Third-Party Liability Only and Package Policy
  • Third-party liability plan only covers the third-party injury or loss in case of an accident
  • Package policy covers third-party injury and loss as well as your injury and loss
  • Fast claim settlement
  • Online two wheeler policy renewal option
  • 24*7 customer support and guidance provision
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) offered in first year is 20%, two consecutive years is 25%, three consecutive years is 35%, four consecutive years is 45%, and five consecutive years is 50%.

2. Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Provision for rapid cashless claim settlement
  • Easy renewal of two wheeler insurance online
  • Offers a comprehensive plan that includes both third-party liability and personal accident cover
  • If you transfer insurance policy from another provider to Bharti AXA, then up to 50% NCB can be recovered.
  • 24*7 customer support and guidance

3. HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Fast cashless claim settlement in authorised network garages
  • Offers both third party cover and comprehensive plan
  • Provides add-on covers such as pillion rider cover, roadside assistance, and zero depreciation cover
  • No Claim Bonus offered for claim-free years
  • More than 4800+ authorized garages across India
  • 24*7 customer guidance and assistance
  • Provision for online purchase and renewal of two-wheeler insurance

4. Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Online renewal and purchase option
  • If you transfer to Bajaj Allianz from any other insurance provider, up to 50% amount of claim-free years or NCB can be recovered
  • 24*7 provision for customer support and assistance
  • Comprehensive plan for both third-party liability and personal accident cover
  • If cashless claim settlement is not available or possible, then 75% of payment is released by the company


When you renew your insurance plan on time, you can claim many benefits including No Claim Bonus and stay free from legal implications. Even if you want to change your policy provider, most insurance companies allow transfer of No Claim Bonus provided that you renew your policy before lapse. So, go to, select your preferred two wheeler insurance plan, and renew your policy today.