Why Merchant Processing Is The Way To Go For Small Businesses

Cash is dying. Sure, we all use it from time to time, but more and more customers are using cards than ever before. On average, restaurants, who see some of the most extensive foot traffic in a single day, report that 75% of all transactions are either debit or credit card transactions. That’s not a tiny number to be left alone, it’s telling you something: you need to get on the bandwagon.

You need free card payment machines; we all know you want to avoid the crazy fees. Who wouldn’t? One of the premier iPad POS systems that offer free card payments come from Revel Systems, one of the most used and most loved POS systems in the restaurant industry all across America. Using multiple iPad stations gives you the ability to take your POS off when not in use, or when it’s slow, and manage your inventory or other tasks while keeping an eye on your staff. What happens when your one barista or prep cook needs help? You snap it back on, and you’re good to go. No waiting, nothing but quick and easy payments without waiting for a screen to load up for five minutes or more.

You don’t want to be charged for insane fees; you want the versatility that comes with a detachable POS system—now you’ve got it. Small businesses need to have card processing services available, or they’re losing out on revenue. Yes, that means you, too. It’s rare in America to see a merchant only accept cash, but it’s still out there. That’s why businesses are dying off; if you aren’t able to move with the rest of society on the technology train, you’re doomed to be left behind at the last stop, and the next train isn’t coming.