Why Hire A Company To Manage Inbound Calls?

Telephone answering teams offer a wide range of services which are highly beneficial to companies of all sizes. They’ve become hugely popular with businesses in a variety of industries from estate agents to law firms, everyone is starting to realise the benefits of hiring a professional call answering organisation. They improve your bottom line and act as an excellent connection tool between you and your clients.


Managing Inbound Calls

If your company is struggling to deal with the volume of inbound calls they receive on a daily basis, you should consider using a professional call answering service. They can provide trained personnel to look after calls and work as representatives of your company. They’ve numerous skilled operators on hand to speak to your clients in a professional, respectful manner, giving current and potential customers a first-rate customer service experience. If you reside in the UK, Message Direct specialise in handling incoming callsfor a range of companies throughout a wide variety of industries.

How It Works:

Once you’ve chosen a company to take care of your incoming calls, you must provide them with contact numbers so when you are unavailable inbound calls will be diverted to their call centres. UK based telephone answering teams such as Message Direct are on hand right around the clock to take calls on behalf of your company. Although 100% coverage isn’t a standard service, most of the top-quality call answering business will offer this as an additional service.

You no longer have to worry about missing calls or messages, you can opt for full coverage, which guarantees your company is reachable at all times of the day and night. This type of service is excellent if you deal with numerous internationally based suppliers or clients.

Call answering services understand that every client they deal with is different, they each require a diverse set of services, and what suits one clientmay not be feasible for another. That’s why they aim to provide personalised options, this means that if you’re unreachable at certain times of the day, or an international client has called out of regular work hours, they’ll send you a message via whatever mode you select. Most reputable companies include options such as:

  • Email response
  • Text message
  • Fax message
  • Message via applications such as WhatsApp

It is advisable to choose a method which best suits your personal preference. For example, if you don’t really use a smartphone or your mobile data isn’t turned on at regular intervals throughout the day, you should opt for a reliable SMS text message. If you’re a sole trader, this may be the best option when it comes to receiving important business communication.

A professional call answering service can be invaluable to your business, it keeps you connected, ensuring that you get informed of important messages throughout the day. If for whatever reasons your phone is off, the moment you turn it back on you’ll be immediately contacted by your virtual assistant informing you of a missed call. They’re cost effective and particularly helpful to small business owners.