Complete Guide To Understand Different Types Of Glass Awards

Confused with colors? What’s more confusing is that green does not actually look like green and white is not pure white. This is the common query everyone asks us often when buying glass awards. Before you continue to read, please note that the following information is about glass awards, not on the glasses of other applications. Now, let’s get started.

Green Glass/Jade Glass:

This one is the most common type of glass you can see around you. It’s called green because it has a tingle of green within the glass. Usually, this tingle is only visible around the edges, but if you have a bigger size of glass and cannot see the edges, then you will not be able to figure out the difference between green glass and white glass. Now normally, these glasses come in thickness from 2 mm to 19 mm and also available in 25 mm thickness, they are not commonly available so for all practical purposes, we do not consider this.

White/Starfire/Extra Clear/Clear Glass:

Yes, they are all same! It has very light blue tingle which can only be visible from the edges, but when you see it from a distance, it gives a reflection of white itself. When we engrave on white glasses, the artwork gets a bit white shimmering touch to it, which looks totally brilliant.

When it comes to the glass awards, white glasses are over most preferred choice because it brings the artwork alive. Normally, these glasses are available in 5 mm to 19 mm thickness. Now, I am not sure why they named it Starfire, but this is what they call it in the US. And in India, they call it clear/white or extra clear glass.

All Other Colors Colored Glass:

All other color glasses like red, blue, gray are special colored glasses and they are not available regularly. Normally, in all these special color glasses, the thickness is available from 2 mm to 12 mm which are all used for producing different types of awards and trophies. Now, if you’re considering to give Glass Gifts, I would suggest to choose a light color which looks more beautiful and like-to-look-at.

Bottom Line:

When you want to recognize someone with most elegant or beautiful award, nothing says “Congratulations” or “Well Done” than a glass award trophy. Another benefit is that Glass is the least expensive and clear of the three materials: glass, crystal and optic crystal. And, if you choose to give away glass awards, you will need to engrave them with the person’s name.

Glass awards are something that no other product can match. It shines and radiates quality which increases employee recognition. All you have to do is that figure out which one is going to work the best for your individual needs.